What is Micerace.com?


Welcome to Micerace.com!

The website that gives you the oppurtinity(For the first time ever) to watch, and bet on live mice racing!

We have 11 Cameras at the moment spread across all over the "Miceworld", so that you can track almost every aspect of the race, operators, cages, and the racing gates.

As we grow, we will implement new games, more cameras, and cool new features.

To start having fun, you can either use someone's referral code on the internet, to receive some free starter satoshis, or you can head over to the deposit page and deposit some satoshis yourself.

How to play?

Once you've acquired some balance , You can head over to the main page where you can place your bets! div Simply select the matches you would like to add to your betslip, enter an amount you want to bet on the betslip itself, and click the big button!

You can afterwards see the progress of your betslip on your profile page.

Happy Racing!

The Track

The Tack

The track has been custom built by Micerace.com.

The track itself is 1.5 M long, and can house 4 gerbils at a time.

The "starting gates" are equipped with High Definition cameras, so that you can track your favourite Gerbil.

The race

The track has a built in automated door, which opens at the start of every race, and closes as soon there is a winner.

The track also have 4 IR sensors at the end of the lanes, which tracks the winning mice, and thus determining a winner.

The Mice

How are the mice looked after?

Our number one priority is the health, safety and happiness of the mice.

We are taking care of a large amount of gerbils and making and providing them with a healthy and balanced diet to ensure that they all remain fit and strong! We also do regular health checks for them. After all, happy mice means happy races!

Our Hungarian operators are trained in handling them with care, and they make sure that they are well fed and always have a clean cage.

The mice are always being watched carefully by our operating staff. The maximum time they are alone is 8 hours (while they and the operators take a nap).

How do you track the mice on the race track?

There are IR sensors at the end of every lane. Once a mouse crosses the finish line the sensors are triggered, and the winner is determined.

How do you distinguish between the different mice?

The mice are chipped with RFID chips by professional veterinarians. By scanning the RFID chips, we are able to identify each individual mouse. Before every race the mice are scanned to ensure that the correct mice are placed in the correct lanes, you can track this via cameras as we put the mice's in their "Starting gates".

You can see the mice's images, names, and information about their wins and losses.
Gerbil Seizures

With regard to our recent incident whereby a gerbil had a seizure on stream.

Seizures are common in gerbils.

Seizures in Gerbils are not life threatening and most gerbils lead a long happy life while periodically experiencing epileptic seizures. Certain risk factors like the breed of the gerbil and the age can make the gerbil more prone to seizures.

To know if a gerbil is experiencing a seizure, you should look for hypnotic behavior, like the inability to move, or violent muscle contractions.

After event care?

The gerbils get regular checkups from the local veterinarians each one is checked for health and fitness before racing.

If we are informed a mouse is unfit for racing we will notify the users of the website and retire them to our gerbil suite where all retirees are free to spend out the rest of their days. p No this is not a metaphor for putting them down, unless they are suffering our gerbils provide for us so we provide for them!

In case of death what happens?

the worst possible scenario, that one of our little champions unfortunately passes away;

we will notify the website.

Sad songs will play on the stream for the day as we all remember their importance and life accomplishments.

We will also activate our R.I.P page and have a candle lit vigil to celebrate the time they spent with Micerace.


How does betting work?

There are two types of bets you can place currently on our racing mice.

  • Match Betting - If the mouse or mice you select go on to win. You receive the equivalent multiplier
  • (Ex. Mouse1 has multiplier of 2.3 and your bet is 1 BTC you will receive 2.3 BTC for it's victory.)

  • Combo betting - You can bet on the outcome of between 2 and 5 races.
  • If you select the winning mice on every single race you receive a combined multiplier.

    (Ex. Race1 Mouse1 has a 2x Multiplier, Race2 Mouse2 has a 4x Multiplier, Race3 Mouse3 has a 5x Multiplier.

    in the event you selected those mice, and they win, you would receive a 40x multiplier payout.

    Vice-versa if a single game is lost you lose the entire wager.

    What happens with my betslip if a race is cancelled?

    In the event a race is cancelled for any reason, all funds are returned to the user paid in full with no fee or comission(If the betslip isn't already lost).

    How can a race get cancelled?

    In rare instances because we deal with live animals and advanced technology things can go wrong.

    Mice can have medical issues, Sensors can short or require replacement, internet outages can happen around the world.

    Our goal is to insure the highest uptime and entertainment value possible.

    We work 24/7 to insure uptime and any problems have professional technicians ready to act.



    To deposit, head over to the deposit page and copy the deposit address.

    Then paste the address into your wallet and choose the amount of funds you would like to send.
    Once we receive the appropriate amount of confirmations, your balance will be updated.

    How long will it take to receive my deposit?

    A deposit is not valid for spending or betting until the transaction reaches 1 confirmation on the bitcoin network.



    When you've decided that you've had enough fun, you can head over to the withdraw page to withdraw your funds.

    Simply enter your wallet address and choose the amount that you would like to withdraw.
    Most withdrawals will be instant, however they may be subject to a manual review.

    Bitcoin withdrawal fees.

    We use https://bitcoinfees.info/ as a reference to calculate our bitcoin fees.
    We don't make a profit on deposits or withdrawals.
    We keep our fee's as low as possible to encourage users on and off the platform at their leisure.
    Referral System

    Refer your friends and earn money!

    We have a very simple, but effective referral system.

    Referr your friends, and receive 3% of everything they bet on!(They will also receive free satoshis.)

    How do see my referral code , and its stats?

    Simply click the "Referral button", on the menu.

    How do i get a custom referral code?

    In order to receive a custom referral code, you must have a fair amount of real followers on eitherone of the following platoforms. (Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter, or custom website!)

    Please make sure that your channel's audience is interrested in one of the following categories (Gambling, Cryptocurrencies).

    If you meet the above criterias, then you can head over to the support page, and fill out the form with a brief explanation of who you are, and why you think you should receive a custom referral code.

    Referred user have used my code, and is playing, but i cannot see my referral profit being updated?

    A user is only counted as a valid referred user, when he's made atleast 1 deposit to the website.